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Cookies and Brownies and more

At Cookie Cupboard, our creativity never goes stale. With over 350 formulas and seasonal specialties, we have something for everyone. Gourmet Cookies and Brownies, and so much more.


Food service customers love our huge selection of delectable formulas, available in a wide range of pre-portioned frozen pucks. We keep your bakery fresh with seasonal, holiday, and fun shapes for every occasion.

We specialize in custom formula development – specific development targeted to your demographic, geographic and strategic pricing needs to build your bakery sales.

Support that Measures Up and Rises Above

When you choose Cookie Cupboard for your bakery, you can be assured of quality, creativity, and enthusiastic, attentive support.

We are passionate about real ingredients and clean labels while maintaining exceptional flavor. We conscientiously select our suppliers against the highest standards in quality and process. We carefully evaluate every ingredient so you don’t have to.

We’ve heard it said by some of our customers that they wish all of their suppliers were like us. Maybe it is because we think of our customers as partners. When they do well, we do well. We want them to succeed.

We are incredibly knowledgeable about every nuance of our products – from details about our suppliers and ingredients to the best ways to bake every formula we make. We readily share our knowledge and sometimes even come on-site to work in your store and help demonstrate the selling points. We work with your team to help you sell more and achieve financial targets. We are passionate about bakery and our enthusiasm spreads – kind of like icing!

Our support does not end when we make a sale. It is just the beginning. We partner with you to increase your sales, identify needs for new products or seasonal items, evaluate market trends, develop custom formulas, and troubleshoot baking issues.

We work with your guidelines to develop products that are right for your customers. Zero trans fat, all butter, no preservatives, specific dietary needs…  no problem. We are ready to meet and exceed your every guideline.

At Cookie Cupboard, we are delighted to produce products to your specifications and meet your private label packaging needs.

At Cookie Cupboard, our creativity never goes stale. Rely on us to create new, exclusive formulas with flavor profiles that exceed your expectations and increase sales.

We arrived at a client meeting to find this on our client's smart board: Excellent (cookies) = more customers squared.

We created new formulas, new flavors, hitting strategic pricing targets. The results? Increased sales across the board.


Excellent cookies = more customers. We couldn't agree more.

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Over 350 recipes and seasonal specialties
Cookies, Brownies, Muffins and so much more. We Make It – You Bake It!™
There are easier ways to make gourmet dough, but there is no better way.
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Gourmet. Made from scratch. Delicious.

Our client did the math!

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There are easier ways
to make gourmet dough,
but no better way

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