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Gourmet Cookie Doughs

We make our recipes by hand, from scratch, in small batches with no trans fats. We focus on clean labels without sacrificing taste and use premium ingredients like real butter, fresh eggs, organic pecans and many other natural ingredients. Our peanut butter cookies are made with freshly roasted and ground peanuts. No commercial peanut butter is ever used.

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Cookie Dough Flavors


Pre-Portioned Cookie Sizes

• 1 oz – 240 cookies/case (Net wt. 15 lbs)

• 1.25 oz – 224 cookies/case (Net wt. 17.5 lbs)

• 1.5 oz – 192 cookies/case (Net wt. 18 lbs)

• 2 oz – 160 cookies/case (Net wt. 20 lbs)

• 3 oz – 75 cookies/case (Net wt. 14 lbs)

• 4 oz – 75 cookies/case (Net wt. 18.75 lbs)

Custom sizes available


*Varieties with asterisk available only in
18-pound cases of scoop-and-bake dough. Case yields 288 one-ounce cookies.

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