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We've been doughing it the right way since 1977.

Read our unique and entertaining cookie formulation stories!Our recipes are made from scratch in small batches with zero trans fats. Cookie dough, brownie batter and so much more. We focus on clean labels without sacrificing taste, using premium and many natural ingredients. Additionally, we specialize in custom formula development for our customers' exclusive products. We Make It – You Bake It!


A sampling of Ellen's Cupboard Handcrafted CookiesAnd now, we're baking, too!

In every formula we've created, there is a inspired, sometimes crazy little story of how it came to be. Take for example our Lime Coconut Cookie. Our customer wanted something unique, so we hand zested 1,440 limes to get an amazing flavor impact. Frozen lime would have been easy, but not our style. Test, taste, test, taste. We've gone to great measures to create the perfect dough formulas. You can taste the difference in everything we make, because of how far we will go to make it right.

Lime Coconut Cookie

Our made from scratch cookie doughs and brownie batters are made by hand using only the finest and freshest ingredients, including premium chocolates, slow-churned butter, and fresh eggs. Try our Peanut Butter Cookie with freshly roasted and ground peanuts. Real ingredients. No preservatives. No trans fats. We carefully evaluate every ingredient so you don't have to.

Graphic: Made from Scratch, Since 1977, Zero Trans Fat, 100% Delicious
Gourmet Message Cookies for every occasion. Ready-to-bake!

From custom formula development to delivery, we've got you covered. Our refrigerated truck will deliver the delicious directly to you. Look for us on the road!

Cookie Cupboard delivers gourmet dough

Cookie Cupboard Gourmet Dough™ and Ellen's Cupboard™ Handcrafted Cookies proudly serve the food service industry. We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer service and support, and are relentless in delivering our clients only the very best. No short cuts. No exception.

  • Food Service Companies
  • Grocery Store Bakery Depts.
  • In-Store Bakeries
  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Catering Operations
  • School and Corporate Cafeterias
  • Hotels and Country Clubs
  • Fundraisers
  • and more...


Celebrate every occasion with message cookies. Message cookies are delivered ready-to-bake and evenly distributed in 100% recyclable ‘Bake and Show’ pans. Just bake, decorate, pop on the included lids, and they’re ready to display. And they have a clean label with zero trans fat!



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