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Let's Raise Some Dough!

Gourmet cookie dough recipes that are made from scratch with natural ingredients like real butter and freshly-ground peanuts. No chemicals, trans fats or preservatives. We also have seasonal items and fun shapes. Allergy or dietary concerns? No problem. We are a local, Ohio-based company that has been doing it the right way since 1977.

Fundraising made easy and profitable

  • Make 45% profit
  • Easy selling – "Who doesn't love fresh baked cookies?"
  • Perfect for schools, clubs, sports teams, churches...
  • 3lb. dough tub = 75 2½" delicious cookies
  • Easy ordering

100% FREE to get started!

  • Free menus, order forms and shipping
  • No minimum orders, no up-front costs
  • Includes parchment paper for baking, tips and recipes
Cookie Cupboard Gourmet Dough tub with  Chocolate Chip Cookies
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There are easier ways
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